• New skills

    As life becomes more complex, I believe we need to develop new skills to not just cope, but thrive!
  • Change your perspective

    The ability to reframe how you see and interact with your life can change your entire experience.
  • Gratitude

    Start a gratitude diary today – you will be amazed at the difference it can make to your state of mind.
  • Beauty breaks

    Take daily beauty breaks! .......... Take a moment everyday to look at something beautiful. We get so busy that we forget just how amazing the world is.
  • Seeds of new beginnings

    You can either be a product of your past or the seed of a whole new future.

What are you doing for Women's month? Let us inspire you and your staff.

Women's Month Topics

Here are our topics for Women's Month.

Live Alive

Live Alive

Life’s a great balancing act!

Life’s a great balancing act!

I love being a woman!

I love being a woman!

Live Alive 1 sml

Bev’s experience with cancer has changed her in many ways. This upbeat, uplifting and inspirational talk explores how her cancer diagnosis and

treatment changed her outlook on life.
She discusses how she learnt to make to most of each day and shares practical and easy steps to do this. Gratitude, living in the moment and beauty

breaks are just some of the wonderful aspects covered in this talk.  
Live Alive is an inspirational presentation that offers with simple and easy to implement strategies that will enhance the daily lives of those attending.


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